My rosemary tattoo is healed, taken from an old book of herbs, tattooed by Jessie Olsen (anyone in Brisbane looking for a tattoo should hit him up, very happy with his line work)and before you ask, yes, i do regret my adventure time tattoos.

lookin snazzy
My father used to say, “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument. Archbishop Desmond Tutu  (via citrons-siciliens)

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sinnicksblr asked : I was just admiring how beautiful you are. Your bf is a lucky guy, dang.

i’m the lucky one he is so amazing, and honestly the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Like honestly i have no idea where i would be without him today. oh and thank you 😘


Yes to her
Anonymous asked : how tall are you?

I am vry tall jk i’m 5’5”


"I gave my three year old daughter some worthless coins, and jokingly told her that she was rich. She went and hid the coins away, and I forgot all about them. Around the same time, my oldest daughter got a bunch of money from her aunts and uncles for her birthday. A few months later, we needed money for food, and I asked my oldest daughter if we could use some of her birthday money. She refused. I almost started crying, because I thought then that I had completely failed as a parent. But suddenly, my youngest daughter appeared, and gave me back the handful of coins that I had given her."
(Mexico City, Mexico)
  • hi hello if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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  • rain-force:

    I’m 200% sure if I was rich I would be the happiest person of the world

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  • tanakas:

    if you’re mad at me please just tell me what i did wrong instead of ignoring me

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  • me n my cute ass boyfriend on our second year of homecoming




    i wanted to re-edit this photo set and make these photos look more the way i originally wanted them to look when i first posted them last year. they’re much less saturated with purples/blues and more realistic to how that day actually looked in person. i also took out a few photos i didn’t like much anymore. the original photo set blew up so much that there’s no way this one will get anywhere close to that much attention, but i wanted to re-post them anyway :-)

    andorra, pa 


    you just gave me a photographer orgasm, these are some of the most amazing shots i have seen in my entire life; i am in awe of your talent. 

    thank you!!


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